Sprinkler Installation Repair & Drainage

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Tired of dragging hoses around your yard, returning from vacation to a parched lawn, or waking up to a marsh because you forgot to turn off the sprinkler system the pervious night? Go underground with a subterranean irrigation system that gives your landscape exactly the amount of water it needs, when it needs it.

Sprinkler Repair

McWane Landscapes offers Sprinkler Repair Services to meet all of your needs.

Sprinkler Installation

Our irrigation system installation experts deliver reliable and affordable sprinkler installation to meet all of your needs.

Lawn Drainage

Our Knowledgeable employees know exactly how to treat your lawn to ensure excess water is removed before it can cause damage.

Which Type of Sprinkler System Do You Need?

Sprinkler Repair & DrainageIn ground irrigation networks fall into two categories drip systems and sprinklers. Drip irrigation carries water directly to trees, shrubs and groundcovers, bringing them a slow, steady trickle that sinks ddp into the soil.

Sprinklers toss water into the air, treating vegetation to a gentle shower. Drip systems are best for deep-rooted plants. Lawns require sprinklers. Your landscape might benefit from a combination of two.

Sprinkler Installation and Sprinkler Repair

  • Design
  • Install
  • Pop Ups
  • Micro Systems
  • Rotars
  • Repairs

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