Sprinkler Repair

You step out into your backyard and you notice a broken sprinkler head is spraying water out of control. It’s gushing out onto your lawn and making a mess. Who do you call to fix the problem? McWane Landscapes. The first thing we’ll tell you to do is turn off your sprinkler system to prevent an outrageous water bill, and water damage to your property. Then we’ll tell you not to worry, we can handle the rest. Before you know it one of our sprinkler repair technicians will be at your door and ready to take care of the situation.Sprinkler Repair

Your sprinkler system is an important component of your lawn’s upkeep and care. Keeping your sprinkler system in good repair is the job for a professional. McWane Landscapes can help you with every aspect of your sprinkler system, from designing and installing it, to maintaining and repairing it. You don’t have to trace tiny water hoses to find leaks or replace the heads on your sprinklers any more, we will take care of all of that.

As the seasons change we will take care of adjusting the sprinkler schedule to make sure your lawn is always getting exactly what it needs. We will also maintain the system through heavy rains, changes in weather and other things that can cause problems in a sprinkler system.

We can handle any sprinkler repair issue including:

  • Sprinkler control box replacement and repair
  • Fixing or replacing leaking or broken sprinkler heads
  • Repairing broken sprinkler valves
  • Cleaning and repairing clogged nozzles
  • Replacing and repairing spliced or damaged wires
  • Repairing or replacing broken pipes
  • Capping off sprinkler heads
  • Adjusting poor spray patterns & wasted water
  • Stopping running water that won’t stop running
  • Wire/Valve Location

Sprinkler Installation

Our Sprinkler Service provides sprinkler systems for Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.  We are the premier full residential service, and commercial sprinkler repair, and installation company.

We exceed our clients’ needs, with reliability, and professionalism and pride ourselves on providing the individual care that you need.  Our sprinkler service department is dedicated to providing qualified sprinkler repair technicians to service your existing sprinkler system.  Our services include, spring activations, fall blowout winterizations, as well as routine maintenance, and repairs.

And, all of our services are backed with our full satisfaction guarantee. We want you, as our client, to be completely satisfied with our work, or you don’t owe us anything. We make our clients such a bold promise because we are confident that we will be able to surpass your expectations.

Not only will we perform excellent sprinkler repair, we greatly value each of our clients, and put great effort into our customer service. We will always follow up with you and make sure our services were satisfactory, we will look for ways to go the extra mile for you and your sprinkler system.

For a free quote, please fill out our Free Estimate form, or for faster service, call us today at 225-755-9016 and a representative will discuss all of your Lawn Care & Landscaping needs.