Are you a new homeowner wondering how to clean out your gutters? Or maybe you’re totally baffled by the pool of water on your concrete driveway? Either way, you came to the right place!

At Drainage Solution Pros, we have over a decade of experience providing landscaping drainage solutions in the Baton Rouge area. Whether you’re a new homeowner or know the ins and outs of home owning like the back of your hand, our friendly and upbeat attitude is unintimidating. We’re happy to answer any questions about your drainage and landscaping, no matter how simple they may seem.

About Us

Ensuring a proper drainage system in your home is crucial to avoiding natural erosion of your foundation, and other costly water damages to your home. We began as a landscaping company but realized that a lot of the landscapes we were working on had significant drainage issues that needed repair. Given our knowledge and expertise, we decided to pivot the direction of our company and cater to Baton Rouge residents who need help with their drainage systems.

We’re dedicated to providing the best customer service throughout the entire process of landscaping — the consultation, the repairs, and after-care maintenance. In return, we hope that you’ll tell your friends and neighbors how happy you are with our work and recommend us to others you know needing work done.

Our Services

Professional lawn drainage in Louisiana is crucial because of the heavy rainfall we receive at least a few times a year. We ensure to customize your drainage system to your personal landscaping.

This will synchronize the features of your landscape so you can be sure that your drainage system is optimized and the best possible. If you’d like to learn more, here’s a quick list of the most common services that we offer:

  • Installing drainage systems
  • Clearing flooding or standing water
  • Unclogging older drains
  • Replacing antiquated drainage systems
  • Fixing ground saturation
  • Regrading ground sites

Our Solutions

Considering all the time we’ve worked in the drainage industry, we have quite a variety of successful solutions for you and your landscape to choose from. We have the ability to install a new drainage system for storm waters, gutter and downspout collections, and pooling water. Some of our systems can even be customized with PVC piping that will last a lifetime.

Additionally, there are some home improvement projects that most don’t realize can greatly affect your drainage. Getting ready to build a new fence around your property? Before starting anything, you should call Drainage Solution Pros and double check that your new structure won’t accidentally disturb your current drain system.

Our Process

Following our four step process, we are able to formally address all possible issues about your landscape in a timely and efficient manner.

  1. Onsite Meeting – we meet you at your home to hear what issues you’ve noticed and discuss other common tendencies you’ve noticed after rainfalls (such as water collection or downspout issues)
  2. Identification – we investigate and analyze any current issues and potential problems your drainage system may be subject to during heaving downpours.
  3. Proposition – during this step, we design the optimal system for your drainage needs and review the best possible drainage solutions for your property.
  4. Execution – we get to work! After you approve our plan, we will work with your schedule to bring in an installation team and get your new drainage system in place.

If you just remembered the long crack in gutter going down the side of your house — called a downspout — that sprays out every time it rains, it’s time to give us a call! We offer our knowledgeable experience with a friendly and trustworthy attitude. Contact us today to get your house draining properly.