New Structure Correction

New structures impede the normal flow of water. Where water would normally pass through is now blocked by the new structure. For example, if you build a new fence for your home, this may interfere with the natural flow of water leaving your house. Most of the time, the problem goes unnoticed until the drainage issues are visible and are causing damages.
When new structures are built, it is natural that drainage can become an issue. New additions to homes, such as fencing, pools, patios, and porches, all can play a negative role in water drainage problems. Because of this, we have experts that can help you determine that best way to redirect water on your property and also keep the additions you have built.

Why Do Drainage Issues Happen?

Drainage issues can often occur because many people don’t plan out their structures based on their drainage system. When homeowners decide to build, they don’t think about the drainage system until it is too late. Once the project is complete and the spring or winter rains come in, then homeowners realize that they have built in the ways of their drainage system. This mistake will often lead to flooding and pooling around the base of their homes.
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