The Problem:

Is the water on your lawn or around your home not drying up after a downpour? Is the water standing out for more than 48 hours? If so, you may have a ground saturation problem.

Ground saturation is when the soil underneath your home absorbs too much water. Soils rich in clay will often have this problem, and cause the soil to not support heavy weight.

If not fixed correctly, and in a timely manner, you could risk losing sod or garden plants. If the soil has too much water in it, plants can drown and the ground can turn very soft. Once you start to lose the sod, this problem could develop into a grading issue. So, if not monitored or fixed correctly, you could be looking at more costly repairs in the future.

The Remedy:

Several issues could be causing ground saturation. Most of the time, it has a lot to do with the makeup of the soil. As stated above, soil that contains clay can often absorb too much water. Our process generally will save our customers time and money by getting the solution right the first and only time.

After our examination of the problem areas and the surrounding environment, we can determine the exact cause.  From there, we design and install a custom exterior drainage solution for our customers.

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Our Solutions: