Poorly installed or improperly designed gutter systems cause water to collect around your home — the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. This is called a downspout clog and can be exceedingly problematic for your home. Because of this issue, gutters and valleys overflow. And water can pool in or next to the structure. Though a bit of water won’t destroy the whole system, too much water collecting can be troublesome; especially if water and other debris are weighing down your gutters or creating dam-like structures around your home or building.

It might be apparent that there is a problem with the system, but that doesn’t mean that you know how to fix it or why it is broken in the first place.  Poor installation, low-quality materials, and ineffective drain line design are all potential points of failure for this type of system. At Drainage Solution Pros, we examine your gutter and downspout system to discover the source of your problem and give you an explanation about how we can find a resolution.

In most cases when installing a PVC drainage system, we will want to tie these downspouts into our drainage line to ensure we are evacuating as much water as we can away from the house.

Whether we tie the downspouts into the piping or simply leave a catch basin under the downspout,  will ultimately be determined on our site visit. There are a few good reasons, and not so good reasons, to tying your downspouts directly into the piping system. Ultimately, it will take a visit from one of our professionals to discern which method of action will work for your system and structure.