Regrading of Site

Any successful lawn needs proper land sloping to direct water into nearby drains. Typically graded during the initial sod installation, your grass may develop low and high areas from hidden underground piping or decomposing tree stumps. These factors have the potential to negatively affect your yard’s entire slope. Without a way to direct water to nearby drains, water can collect and lead to pooling.

Pooling can be a huge nuisance to homeowners, as it diminishes the quality of the soil. Also, if the water is pooling too close to your house, it can cause damage to your house.

As a result of the curvature of your lawn,  mowing can also appear to be uneven. Correcting the grade of your lawn is easy, however, it does involve some work. I

So, how do you regrade your lawn? Well, you have to start by filling the low areas with soil so that your yard has a continuous slope leading to some outlet for your water. This will typically require heavy manual labor to shovel in the dirt and pack it in to look natural. By patching these low areas with soil, you can make your lawn appear even and water can safely be moved out of your yard.

When we do a full site regrade, that can generally fix the problem without any additional piping or parts to worry about maintaining. With our regrading services,  you can gain a beautiful looking yard, free of pools of water. Contact us today!