Sprinkler Repair for Residents in Baton Rouge

You step out into your backyard and you notice a broken sprinkler head is spraying water out of control. Water is gushing out onto your lawn and making a complete mess. Who do you call to fix the problem? Not Ghostbusters, but McWane Landscaping!
Once you give us a call, we can coach you through your first steps. It is important that when you notice your sprinkler isn’t working properly, you need to shut off your sprinklers. The fastest way to rack up a hefty water bill is to let your sprinklers run while they are broken. Much of the problem with broken sprinklers is that customers do not catch that they are running and broken until their water bill has spiked or their garden has drowned in water. The second that you notice your sprinkler heads aren’t working, you need to shut it off.

The Importance of Sprinkler Repair Services

Sprinkler repair is more important than you would think. Without your sprinklers, feeding your garden or lawn is nearly impossible. Only sprinkler systems can evenly water your front- and back-yards without drowning or dehydrating your plant life. More importantly, sprinklers are complex systems and trying to fix them without any prior knowledge of how the systems works could be problematic.

At McWane Landscapes, we can help you with every aspect of your home sprinkler systems from designing to installing them, to maintaining and repairing them. So instead of trying to find sprinkler leaks the old fashioned way, simply give our business a call and we can handle the rest.

Seasonal Changes

As the seasons change, our business can take care of adjusting the sprinkler schedule for your lawn. This will ensure that your yards are given exactly what they need during every season of the year. By entrusting us with the health of your lawn, you can ensure you will get the best sprinkler repair and maintenance services in Baton Rouge.

We can handle any sprinkler repair issue including:

  • Sprinkler control box replacement and repair
  • Fixing or replacing leaking or broken sprinkler heads
  • Repairing broken sprinkler valves
  • Cleaning and repairing clogged nozzles
  • Replacing and repairing spliced or damaged wires
  • Repairing or replacing broken pipes
  • Capping off sprinkler heads
  • Adjusting poor spray patterns & wasted water
  • Stopping running water that won’t stop running
  • Wire/Valve Location

If you are interested in our sprinkler maintenance and repair services, don’t hesitate to contact our business!

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