Pools of water do not belong on your property. Which is why it is our goal to find you a drainage solution, and fast.

Drainage can be divided into two categories:  surface and subsurface. Surface drains are used to remove heavy volumes of rainfall that collect in short spans of time.  Subsurface drains are used to remove water which percolates into the soil and stays there. The soil has a natural ability to absorb just enough water to provide itself with nutrients. However, too much water can drown the soil and everything in it, such as the roots of grass and flowers.

When the soil becomes 100 percent saturated with water, it cannot absorb any more water and forms a murky pool. With no place to go, additional rainfall accumulates on the surface, resulting in flooding and erosion to everything in the area.

Drainage in its most simplified form is a process of collecting, conducting, and disposing of drainage water. The design process is simply a continuation of what size the catchment system needs to be, what size and type the conducting system needs to be, and what format the disposal system should take.

If you are currently struggling with drainage issues, especially after heavy rainfall, Drainage Solution Pros can help!  Contact us today!